Services & Online Consultancy

Vaasthu Consultancy

Our indepth knowledge and expertise in theory as well as practical rectification methods of Vaasthu Saasthra with more than 40 years of experience not only render immediate positive results but also saves time, cost and energy in altering buildings, layouts & agricultural lands making the process a lot more simpler.

Layout and Site Plans.

You are sure to enjoy more commercial space which looks like coming from everywhere without compromise in lighting, aeration, road width, Vaasthu & overall layout formation ultimately resulting in profitability in terms of number of plots and more commercial value.

3D Floor Plans

By far this is our best service technically not only in terms of our expertise but also from the view of a client. The client here benefits by saving time, cost and energy from running between architects, vaasthu consultants & builders thereby avoiding conflicting opinions between them.

Renovation Plans.

Renovation also has all the characteristics of floor plans. Minimum disturbance is given to existing building & structural stability is taken care of. We have successfully renovated existing buildings for better comfort, exteriors & interiors giving a completely different make over and surprising new look with minimum demolition work.

Structural Design

Very cost effective structure is provided through minimal use of steel & concrete by analyzing the load bearing capacity of the soil without compromise in architectural design, strength and durability of the building.

Interior Design and Supervision

Client gets more space utilization, comfort, ventilation, lighting, aesthetics, overall formation & Vaasthu which indirectly saves him a lot of construction cost due to very effective space utilization.

2D Elevations.

Our passionate work towards exterior design has earned us good will not only from our clients but also from leading construction professionals. Exteriors are designed to our satisfaction from client's requirements and then altered if necessary to suit the budget of every client to make it more flexible..

3D Elevations

Most vital part of elevation and all of our service is letting the client express their needs and dreams with ease. We have mastered this technique of making any client express with ease by being very comfortable to understand and fulfill their needs.

Promotion of Villas.

The difference between construction contract & our own promotion of Villas is that in promotion the end product is far more acceptable and suitable to all clients of varying taste, needs and budget.